12 Week Transformation

At Spectrum Fitness, we understand that many of you have been thinking if there is an actual way to build those muscles and loose boy fat that you’ve been dreaming of since you first started.
What you didn’t know is that we have body transformation workouts that will change the game for you and produce more results in 12 weeks than you have ever achieved. The efficiency of our 12 week transformation plan is widely known among professional male models and fitness instructors who started their bright careers at Spectrum Fitness and stayed with us all along.


In order to predict how you could look like after our 12 week transformation, you can see some of our clients’ results:

If better is possible, good is not enough
Benjamin Franklin

Why would you settle for little when you can achieve greatness? Think of all the times you might have started working out and gave up because the outcome was not like you imagined. Now, you do not have to be demotivated after a few days of intense training but the complete opposite. Your results will be visible within the first 10 days and you will get additional desire to keep going and work harder!

We Are With You

Our methodology has proven to be extremely effective as the results of our clients are phenomenal. We have managed to bring our programmes to the highest level by constantly adding new, better features to each one of them. The happiness and confidence of our clients outside the gym is priceless and they know that they had to work hard but their lives finally changed when they became better versions of themselves.
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Whilst some clients come with deep consequences of the neglect towards their bodies, some are not as affected but the motives behind their desire to workout are just as important to us! For example, this transformation plan can be a perfect choice if you want that hot body for the summer but you are running out of time to start exercising slowly for many months. You will get everything you wanted with an enormous addition – good health!

Nutrition Plan and Diet

Seeing the effect of nutrition on our own bodies and following the advice of our nutritionists has made us realize the importance of our eating habits and how a great diet plan plays one of the biggest parts in the body composition. For that reason, we have made a questionnaire that you need to fill at the very beginning. It consists of questions regarding your diet history, eating schedule, your lifestyle and additional information needed for the further creation of the plan.
Moreover, we take the statistics of your body composition and ask about the goals you are aiming to achieve. After analyzing your answers, we can finally create a perfect diet plan for you.
The diet plan that we will share with you will not inclusively demand from you to exclude entire groups of foods and drinks in order to lose weight and stay healthy. We are aware that it is not an easy task and we tend to make a long-term suistanble diet plan for you, not just a quick-fix for your body. Once you start following our advice and getting into the shape, you will get used to these new eating habits and all you’ll have to do is maintain the same level.
After we agree on your diet and provide you with a comprehensive plan, we will make sure you are on the right path via daily emails and feedback from you. This type of daily monitoring ensures us that you are progressing as predicted and that we will get the best results over the 12 weeks of this intense training programme.

Photographs & Photo Shoots

The best way to monitor the reactions of your body to the personal training is by taking photographs on a weekly basis and compare them afterward and this is what we will do for you.
It is true that you may not feel too comfortable posing in front of a stranger but the friendly behavior of our staff will shortly relax you and make you like photographing your body.
Our Personal Trainers notice every change on a client by only looking at two before and after pictures. They notice every detail and can tell you accurately if you are doing well or you need to try even harder, something that an untrained person would not even be able to detect by looking at the same pictures.
It is exactly these subtle adjustments that will help your Personal Trainer conclude whether your progress is doing as well as predicted. Once you finish the 12-week-long training programme, these changes will not be subtle anymore but even shocking in a positive way.
The pictures that we take of you are completely confidential and if you wish, they can only ever be seen by you and your trainer. However, most of our clients like to show their work off and they share them even more than we do. Therefore, all the pictures of our members on-site are posted with the permission of the participants who are proud of their transition and we are proud of them as well.
Now, if you would like to step ahead and make professional photo shoots, we can help you with it by organizing the session in our own gym.


By gathering all the data and statistics required for the creation of your own training programme for the fat loss, we are able to proceed to intense workouts that will start melting your fat down. This 12-weeks long plan includes the exact amount and intensity of exercise that you can do gradually, as you start improving and being able to work more and harder. It won’t take more than the only one work out for you to notice how your fat starts burning and your metabolism reacts positively.
We also consider all the information about your physical assessment, which helps us in the construction of your training plan by including all the potential imbalances (muscular/structural), addresses your weaknesses beforehand and eliminates them by introducing the most innovative, modern programmes to your sessions.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, It’s about learning to dance in rain.”

Frequent Questions & Doubts

How much of the muscle mass will I gain?

There is no specific and accurate number of muscle mass that we can promise you to get over this muscle building programme, hence it depends on the composition and type of your body, time frame, exercise experience and how committed you are to the training. Usually, people might tell you that you will start gaining less muscle over time but that is not quite correct because it is obvious that same exercise for beginners will not have a huge impact on your muscles anymore but that is why we will move these limits with you and adapt your training according to your current capabilities. That’s why you can always do more and get more muscles.

Is it possible to build lose fat and gain muscle altogether?

We aim to do both of these things with our clients, especially at the beginning because it is quite easier. When the body is not trained or active, it reacts to every activity. However, once you get to an advanced level, we would recommend you to focus on one of these goals and work on them separately for better results.

How many weekly training do you suggest?

The intensity of your training is more important than the frequency. You can train 3 times and put maximum effort, instead of training 5 times without doing your best and the first option will still get you better results.
We prefer 3 to 4 times weekly training so that is our suggestion to you, as well as most of our clients. You can add some additional activities out of gym too that could still get that energy out of you but allow you to rest and be prepared for the next day at Spectrum Fitness. Therefore, do not force yourself more than you should.

How many times a day should I eat?

When it comes to muscle building programme, it is not as simple as it is with fat loss. Lack of food and calories will not bring you the results you are seeking so we will help you find the right balance, according to your body and needs.
The quality of food you are taking is more important than how frequently do you eat. In this case, hacing only 3 meals a day is not convenient as it will be harder for your muscles to build optimally due to the negative effect on the protein synthesis. The large gaps between the meals will also cause cravings for unhealthy foods due to low blood sugar.
Eating 6-7 meals a day will possibly cause a low productivity.
Therefore, 4 – 5 meals would generally be ideal in this case but of course, it depends on a wide range of factors that change the reactions on each client individually.
These ‘’meals’’ do not need to always be massive so apart from 3 regular ones, you can simply eat an apple or something healthy between them.

Is it necessary to consume the same food that I don’t like all the time?

No! In fact, you have endless recipes and different nutrients that you can try. They might not be the traditional, unhealthy foods that you used to eat but even exploring all these new tastes will be interesting.
Spectrum Fitness will help you with this again by providing weekly meal plans and suggestions that will not only make every meal delicious but will affect your muscle building positively!

Our Methodology Is Different

Our transformation programme has proven to be extremely effective as our clients experienced the greatest changes of their lives in only 12 weeks!
Some of them gained more than 30lbs of weight and their body fat has not changed at all! Others instead experienced 5lbs of muscle weight growth and lost even 19lbs of body fat.
This shows how it can have amazing results on different clients and that it all depends only and inclusively on their goals and what they come up with when we ask them about their motives to join Spectrum Fitness.


Spectrum Fitness has worked its way to the position of the leaders in the area because of a number of different factors and one of them is the fact that we do not accept every client, not even when they are willing to pay much more than we ask for in order to join us.
The reason for our strict selection are the principles that every person who is willing to train with us needs to follow.
Some of them are:

You need to respect our time the same way we respect yours and attend the training accordingly. We understand that sometimes you will have justified reasons to be absent but not making enough time for this intense programme during the 12 weeks of its duration will not bring you the results you wanted and you will lose the opportunity to change your life for good.
You need to follow the 90/10 rule. That being said, 90% of what you do during this period in regards of exercise, food, and several additional aspects must be exactly the way we advise you. 10% of these 100% are left for you to decide yourself.
You need to be completely dedicated and put maximum effort at each one of the training sessions you attend by keeping a very positive approach throughout the whole programme and not allowing yourself to even think about giving up. By choosing any of our muscle building programmes, you accept the rigorous regime and hard work that it demands. Therefore, put your whole heart and strength into it.
These are the main things we expect and demand from you. If you find them too difficult to handle and you are hesitating at this point, then this programme is simply not meant for you.


Significant loss of fat in 20 days from the beginning of the programme.
More energy and positive impact of training on your life.
A desirable skin tone due to healthier diet and lifestyle.
Toned and shaped body.
Improved sleeping pattern.
Better outlook on life and yourself, more confidence and happiness coming from it.
Some additional expenses as you will need to buy clothes of smaller size!

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