A 24-Hour Gym by Annandale That Will Change You

You don’t need a professional coach or a nutritionist to tell you that keeping yourself in good shape is imperative to a happy life. Everybody can assess themselves and know where they would like to improve, even the fittest gym rats. However, we also know how much hard work one has to put into maintaining a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. That’s why the mission of Spectrum Fitness is to show every person that staying fit does not have to be torturous.

Spectrum Fitness is a 24-hour gym near Annandale that offers premium fitness facilities and trainers to their members. Spectrum Fitness is always open and ready to help our members put exercise and wellness into their lives whenever they have the time. Our state-of-the-art gym equipment is available at all times as well as scheduled classes. Every member can find an exercise plan that works for them.

We also retain some of the best personal trainers in the world so that Spectrum can help every one of its members develop a personal fitness plan and keep up the motivation to live out the plan. Try Spectrum Fitness and see how easy fitness can be.

Our Annandale Gym has Fresh Equipment and Fun Classes’

At Spectrum Fitness, we aim to uphold our Values, which include cultivating a serious and successful fitness community. That’s why our premium gym near Annandale brings the best gym equipment and a variety of classes to our members. No matter how they like to work out, they can find a plan that’s fun and engaging.

Our gym equipment comes from Cybex, the world’s leading brand of gym equipment for training and development. We provide a wide range of machines to allow for a well-balanced workout on top-quality machines trusted within the health industry. For those who love to lift, we offer Eleiko weights to give our members the experience of competitive weight training.

In addition to offering the best gym equipment near Annandale, our gym also hosts specialised workout classes that every member can enjoy. Spectrum Fitness offers yoga, Pilates, and stretch & recovery classes to our members. In addition, we offer full-body strength, core, and body conditioning classes as well as high-intensity circuit and boxing sessions. Our timetable will let you know when each class is scheduled so that you may fit them into your personal wellness plan.

Now, Begin Your Transformation at Our Gym in Annandale

As soon as you are ready to become a member of our 24-hour gym near Annandale, we can get you started with a 3-day trial. Our specialised 12-Week Transformation Program will help you burn fat, build strength, and notice some real results.

You can also join our social media community by keeping up with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Also, be sure to check out our blog so that you can enjoy our fitness articles and news and join our mailing list to get health news and articles sent to your email inbox. Become a part of the Spectrum Fitness community and watch yourself transform.