6 Week Female Fat Loss

Ladies, welcome to our female fat loss program that will get your body in the right shape in only 6 weeks.

Being completely frank, we must admit that it is harder for women to lose weight than for men. Whoever tells you that the chances are equal and that there is no difference, they are either not informed enough or they are trying to serve you a cheap story in order to get your money.
The lack of the muscle mass and men’s hormonal output are the factors that make a difference between these two because they are defining factors in the increase or increase of the body fat, as well as maintaining a certain weight without re-gaining the lost body fat. At Spectrum Fitness, we do not serve any empty promises and our female clients are very aware of that. From the very beginning, all of them have been told that putting enough effort, being dedicated, disciplined and patient are the keys to fat loss and body re-composition.
If you are ready for a drastic, healthy and relatively quick fat loss, join us right now! It will require a lot of your swear and effort but the results will be more than worth it and your life will never be the same again.

“The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.”
Swami Sivananda

Our female fat loss programme is a mixture of scientific facts and studies that helped us understand women’s bodies, hormones, and processes, as well as years of experience and training sessions with diverse clients. Considering the frequent issues of many women, such as the post pregnancy or weight as a consequence of unhealthy lifestyles, we created this programme in a very unique way so it could be adapted to different types of bodies and women’s needs.

Below you can see some of the extraordinary results of our female clients:

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Our female clients usually face the following issues that we at Spectrum Fitness detect as potential causes of their fat gain:

Metabolic Rejuvenation

One of the most common problems amongst women is the incorrect balance of exercise and nutrition. They jog and train very hard and on many different ways, such as bikes, cross trainers, etc. but their meals are so low in useful ingredients that they end up being exhausted and starved! As a consequence to this imbalance, the shutdown of ghrelin and leptin occurs, which are the essential hormones for fat burn. They also risk damaging the thyroid output and thyroid gland, as well as metabolic disaster.
Many of our new clients joined Spectrum Fitness and addressing the issue of losing fat with the help of cardio workouts and liquid diets but then regaining it horribly after returning to their old habits.
As a response to this frustrating reaction, we decided to create a fat loss program for females that will bring long-term results to each one of our clients in a healthy way. With our nutrition plans, the metabolic rejuvenation will take place and your diet will not be as strict or weak that you aren’t allowed to eat a little bit of ‘’junky food’’ just once in a while.
Understanding the way your body works and turning it into a healthy machine that burns all that unnecessary fat is what we aim for, instead of making you fear every meal and temptation that comes with it. Our philosophy is not to starve you and make your body suffer because then obviously you will lose weight but in the worst possible way that not only will affect your body physically but will be horribly difficult for you. This fat loss program will teach you how to discipline yourself and get fit healthily but still quickly, under the vigilance of our professional Personal Trainers.

No Myths – Only Proven Methodology

Myths and false stories about fat loss mislead women all over the world while making them think they will lose weight. One of those examples:
Jumping on a treadmill, eating fruits the whole day, granola and yogurt from the breakfast, skinny latte and a banana at 11 am, supplement yourself with fat burning products because they are the key component of your fat loss… No! It’s all wrong!
Amongst those myths, there is also one saying that women should not do anything similarly to men in terms of fitness because they will turn manly too. It sounds as silly as it actually is. In fact, one “prestigious” magazine published an article that minimizes the relevance of protein for women, whereas it maximizes it for men, which is not true.
At Spectrum Fitness, more precisely our 6 week female fat loss programme, we will show you the real truth and teach you how to actually lose your weight and not only your time.

Liver Detoxification

Liver detoxification is not an easy or simple subject but its importance reflects on the difficulty of fat loss for women, which is slightly harder than for men.
To make it simple, liver detoxifies the foreign estrogens scores that flood bodies of everyone in the polluted world we’re living today. With a high estrogen score, regardless of the source, the liver’s function is impaired and the fat loss is harder.
For those reasons, we apply different modalities for liver detoxification, such as the Natural Herbal medicine, which is one of the most famous and effective in this case. Finally, the liver is detoxified properly and the estrogenic fat problems are not as troubling anymore, which allows bodies to lose weight faster and easier.
Premenstrual Issues
Irritability, retention, and cravings are only some of the factors that can mess your diet up during your menstruation. By addressing them and providing you with adequate supplementation and nutritional protocols, we will help you go out of the cycle without ruining all the work you’ve done so far nor affecting the effort you are putting in at that moment.

Cardio Workout Imbalance

Unfortunately, many women go to gym several times a week and only ever do is cardio, which doesn’t bring them the results they wanted. Cardio is not bad nor completely useless, of course, but you must know how to do it and to which extent in order to achieve any of the goals you’ve set before entering the gym.
For this reason, Spectrum Fitness Trainer will show you through our fat loss program, which cardio workout is the best in maximizing fat lose and how to do it correctly. Our Personal Trainers have many years of experience with women who came in disappointed in cardio itself and went out loving the training combination we represent to them afterward, which takes the best out of cardio but doesn’t focus inclusively on it.
What’s even better about our female fat loss program is that the results are not temporary and the effect of our workouts does not simply vanish once you stop exercising. Instead, you will have additional doses of energy and “lightness” with you long after you leave the gym. Your body will keep burning the remaining fat even up to 38 hours after the training. By that time, you will be exercising again, which means that you will be active and losing weight constantly!

Hormonal Modulation & Problematic Female Areas

BioSignature Modulation is the most accurate and most frequently utilized system within the leading fitness companies around the world, including Spectrum Fitness. It helps us gaunge accurately the hormonal imbalances of our female clients and compares the starting and ending ratios of body fats. These statistics allow us to analyze your hormones and create different supplementation and nutritional plans that will ensure a fat loss during our fat loss program.

What Fat Loss Program For Female Requires

Ever since we introduced Meltdown program of different length and purposes, our clients have been showing too much interest into them. The major reason for it is the methodology we use, which isn’t strictly focused on exercise nor nutritional and lifestyle. Instead, it is a mixture of all these aspects. We are aware that many false stories of “quick-fix” to long-term problems are served to people who are desperate to lose weight. However, all those stories and myths can only make you lose your motivation, desire and get disappointed in the end. Obviously, you won’t even want to go to gym anymore because you will find it useless.
In contrary to those myths, we only tell the truth so from this moment on, you must know that you will need to put a lot of your effort in this program in order to get the perfect body you’ve always wanted. You will not be alone on this adventure. Just like you, our Personal Trainers will give the best of themselves to help you achieve your goals during the 6 weeks of the intense Meltdown program.
You need to be consistent and remain strong and ambitious. Those are the main requirements and will lead you to the best results and healthy lifestyle.
Regardless of your current body condition, do not be shy or embarrassed because those things are not important to us. We prefer clients in a horrific form but willing to work, over the ones that are quite in a shape but are too lazy and undisciplined.

The scheme of our 6 weeks Female Fat Loss Programme:

Initial Consultation & Full Body Composition Analysis
Nutritional Analysis & Audit
Fat loss Exercise Program Creation
Training Sessions

Is Our Female Fat Loss Programme Meant for You?

In contrary to many Personal Trainers who will tell you that their programme is meant for everyone, we at Spectrum Fitness will not because neither can we promise results to people who are not very decisive in getting them, nor we want to waste ours and their time.
Now, if you are prepared for a hard work, you are committed and determined to change – it is a perfect program for you.
We are very friendly towards clients with great will of working on themselves so we can make some exceptional timings and adjustments for you, once we agree on our terms and we see you are interested in improving.
What we do not accept is excuses and clients who cannot find time nor motivation for a scheme that will change their lives. This is a 6-week programme, which itself indicates that it’s very rough. You are either all in or you stay out.


Significant loss of fat in 20 days from the beginning of the programme.
More energy and positive impact of training on your life.
A desirable skin tone due to healthier diet and lifestyle.
Toned and shaped body.
Improved sleeping pattern.
Better outlook on life and yourself, more confidence and happiness coming from it.
Some additional expenses as you will need to buy clothes of smaller size!


We will show you only the best.
Our Personal Trainers do what they ask from you. There is no empty talk at Spectrum Fitness.
We will show you our inspirations that will inspire you as well.
Your results will not be identical to any others you’ve seen here. You are a unique individual that will get her own best results and we will show you how.
The final results depend on various aspects; time; the response of your body to different exercises and diets; the effort you put in; the frequency of your training; your discipline; the point you start your training sessions.
Usually, the worst the starting points bring the best final results.
Based on the feedback of our clients, we are proud to say that our reputation is built on the knowledge, professionalism, effort, dedication, acceptance and ambition. We will not stop and not let you stop until achieving your goals.
Finally, the results and your future depend on you.

To start achieving your goals please contact Spectrum Fitness to book a free consultation!