About Us

Spectrum Fitness is a Results Driven Premium 24/7 Fitness Club. 

At Spectrum Fitness we provide a range of Tailored fitness solutions focused on achieving individual results. We believe in a down-to-earth, revolutionary three-step approach to transform our members from ordinary to extraordinary. Where we achieve long term positive results by assessing individual’s lifestyle and nutrition.
We are unique in our integrative approach, utilising the latest scientific research in the fields of functional medicine, exercise science and nutrition. Combined with years of industry experience, we are able to identify the root cause of the issue that is holding our members back from achieving maximal results.

Our Values

  1. Provide Day to day Premium customer experience where every member matters.
  2. Provide guarantied fitness results to every customer with every tailored solution
  3. Continuous Improvement in Everything we do and strive towards providing leading service to our customers.
  4. To practice what we preach and lead by example at all times
  5. Create a community based environment where everyone feels cared for and confident in achieving their goals.

Our Mission

It is our mission to use health and fitness as a catalyst to help people from all walks of life achieve their best, inside and outside of the gym. Whether they are completely new to health and fitness or a seasoned athlete, we guarantee that our client’s expectations will be met and that we will support them during their journey towards achieving their health and fitness goals or teaching others to do the same.