A 24-Hour Gym by Annandale That Will Change You

You don’t need a professional coach or a nutritionist to tell you that keeping yourself in good shape is imperative to a happy life. Everybody can assess themselves and know where they would like to improve, even the fittest gym rats …read more.

Premium Service and World Class Equipment at Your Favourite 24 Hour Gym in Drummoyne

Not just any Drummoyne gym has what it takes to be the best. At Spectrum Fitness, we’ve been helping clients become the best version of themselves since 2015, and we know that becoming your vision takes commitment and attention to detail. We let …read more.

Lilyfield gym turns ‘ordinary’ into ‘extraordinary.’

Plenty of gyms make promises, at our 24 hour gym near Lilyfield, we make commitments. Spectrum Fitness is committed to providing our clients with world-class equipment with recognisable names such as Cybex and Eleiko, as well as friendly …read more.

Professional Personal Trainer in Balmain Can Change Your Life

Of course, everybody would love to be as healthy and fit as they can be. Nothing feels better than to outgrow your pain, become stronger than ever before, and gain confidence in a beautiful body. Unfortunately, the hardest parts of “working out” …read more.

Your Guide to Finding a Trainer: Personal Training in Drummoyne

Exercise is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s been shown to do more than help you burn fat and develop muscles—in fact, working out on a regular basis has been linked to better brain health in middle age, and may be a …read more.

Long term results for mind and body with power yoga in Lilyfield

There is no denying that the art and practice of yoga have spread like wildfire in recent years. Every major city and most small towns can boast at least one, if not dozens, of yoga studios. From New York City to Lilyfield, yoga studios are …read more.

Find your inner strength with power yoga in Rozelle

We all have limited time when it comes to focusing on ourselves. For many, at the end of a long day, it feels as if there just isn’t enough time to sit and meditate and get a workout in, especially when we have specific fitness goals such as weight …read more.

Looking for Personal Training in Annandale? Find Your Trainer Here

Keeping in shape is important, no matter where you live. It can be tempting to blame your environment for a lifestyle that you might not be 100% satisfied with, and we all do it. Sometimes we blame the weather for making us late to work or our …read more.

A Dynamic Spectrum Fitness Trainer Adds Spark to Personal Training in Rozelle

If you ever thought that personal training wasn’t for you, think again. At Spectrum Fitness, our approach to personal training in Rozelle is different from anything you’ve tried. With the help of the unique integrated approach to fitness …read more.

Have You Tried Power Yoga? Balmain Area Yoga that Delivers Results

Tired of the same old yoga class? Looking for something more intense? Spectrum Fitness, the premier gym in Rozelle, offers a fantastic class, Power Yoga, near Balmain that will blow you away. This uniquely sequenced class combines …read more.