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Create a Meal Plan That Actually Works

Meal planning has a special place at Spectrum Fitness. We taught our clients how to create a meal plan and stick to it, which brought them shockingly amazing results afterward. They managed to get total body transformations but neither of their journeys was easy. As you already know, it requires a lot of work that our Personal Trainers can help you with. However, the diet is extremely important in the whole body re-composition procedure.

Another important lesson we teach our clients is that a simple food restriction and frequent training are not all that it takes if they are aiming for permanent and amazing results. Sure both of these will bring improvements eventually but they will probably be temporary and harder to achieve as well.

In order to accomplish noticeable changes in both physical appearance and health, you need to follow an effective strategy that has proven to have major influence on the body re-composition of all our clients who tried it. Planning your meals is the secret of many drastic weight losses and muscle buildings.

Now, let’s explain the way meal plan works and how important it is.

The Benefits of Meal Planning

Everyone knows that a combination of exercise and diet leads to perfection in fitness. However, diet might have an even bigger impact on people, which is why a great nutritional plan is what matters the most if you are trying to lose weight and gain muscle.
In short – You can spend hours exercising every day but without a good meal plan and great eating habits, you won’t really get any closer to your goals.

The same way you’re planning your training routine (or your Personal Trainer does it for you of course) you need to plan and give time to the meal planning, or maybe even more. The general problem with people trying to lose weight is that they underestimate the power of diet. Very often they will eat three slices of pizza, thinking that it’s not a big deal because they will burn them off in the gym the next day. This makes the whole body re composition procedure much more complicated and difficult. Instead of making it worse, the best way is to simply eat healthily and stop using these “tricks” that don’t even work anyway.

That does not make exercise any less meaningful, of course. It just means that balancing these two will give you faster results and it’s way more effective because nutrition and diet always go together.
Meal planners are usually much healthier because you plan what you eat and you are more likely to cook alone. In fact, one study from 2014 stated that people who cook at home consume less caloric foods and eat much healthier than those who don’t. This is valid for those who aren’t trying to lose weight intentionally as well.

How to Stay Consistent?

The meal plans are not always the same. In fact, we at Spectrum Fitness have mastered the meal planning for different types of trainees. Our diet plans rarely ever repeat because our clients have different body types, needs, and requirements.

Client’s body composition goals have a major impact on the meal plan design; two different people might have quite the same goal but different approaches to it. While one person can choose the low-carb type of diet, the other can go with the ketogenic route, which isn’t easy for many people. Additionally, some people like making a weekly plan of their food consumption so they can even prepare and freeze their meals that they will use through the week, while others plan for the next day or two instead and buy foods accordingly.

Regardless of your fitness and dietary preferences or goals, the importance of meal plan doesn’t change. You should organize perfectly and always resist a temptation of eating unhealthy food while on your diet.
In order to help you keep your meal planning, we will show you some of the most useful tips that will help you throughout your whole diet.

Identify Your “Why” and Keep Yourself Motivated

Will power is the key of success and you need to keep your desire to progress with you all the time. If you want to achieve all those goals you’ve been dreaming of and get the body you’ve always wanted, you need to always remember why you started in the first place and why you always decide to keep going.
That being said, apart from that one goal you see in future from the starting point, you need other reasons that will keep you motivated. Not one but a list of them. The “reward system” also works here. You can leave some little prizes to yourself that will seem like small achievements on the way to the biggest one.

Keep Your Pantry Well-Stocked

If you have all the nutrients you need in your pantry at any time, you are enchancing your chances to follow your meal plan.
In case you run out of lemon, spices or just anything you need to make food way too often, you will get frustrated and even think of giving up. To prevent this, prepare everything you know for sure you will need and those things you might need when you didn’t have time to prepare your lunch or dinner. Make sure you never come into a situation where unhealthy food is the only food you have because you might be too tempted to fill your stomach with it and waste hours of hard work you’ve spent in the gym previously.

Prepare Meals Before-Hand

Weekend is mostly special for meal planners because it’s when they prepare for the whole next week. If you are willing to do join them, start with the grocery shopping in the morning and batch cooking and/or prepping in the afternoon.
Batch cooking is very useful in these cases because some of your prepped components can serve you perfectly in a day or two. Learn which foods you can put in the freezer and for how long and freezer will instantly become so much more important to you.
Meal planning is not something you should do every morning for the current day because that’s simply not meal planning anymore, it’s improvising. Learn how to plan your meals and everything will be so much easier in the kitchen, which will obviously reflect on your body positively.

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

You don’t need to strictly make a plan for the whole week every weekend. You might not be able to eat all those 21 meals at home because you can eat out or skip some as well. For that reason, first, check your schedule and whether you will be very busy or attending events or just anything else that will keep you away from the plan.
In this case, the batch cooking is very beneficial as well because you will always have some food reserved for when you don’t precisely feel like prepping or something comes up.

Learn Formulas Instead Of Recipes

If you need to look for new before every meal, you will surely get tired of it very soon and that can put in risk your whole meal plan. The best way to know approximately what to prepare is by learning certain nutrition formulas that will help you. One of them is stratch+fat+protein+vegetables.
You don’t have to follow it blindly but knowing what you’re looking for by dividing food into groups instead of recipes will make the job much easier for you.

Be Flexible When Needed

As you already know, there is always plan A, plan B and sometimes even C, D, and the whole alphabet! That means that sometimes you won’t find all the nutrients you need for the meal you planned and sometimes you might simply not feel like eating the food you’re supposed to prepare. When this happens, do not think of it as a huge problem. You need to be flexible enough to accept forced changes or even enforce them yourself without sticking to your initial plan all the time.

Find Your Meal Planning System

There are several ways of meal planning and people always choose the one they like the most, which you should do as well. Some of them prefer following a plan from the journal, some love their meal plan app, others make their own plans at home while some simply hire a Personal Trainer to do it for them. We have many clients in Spectrum Fitness who came up to us asking for the meal plan first and then they discovered everything that we can offer apart the meal planning.
Whichever method you choose, stay consistent and don’t change it every week because you will affect your progress and will feel lost in your plan most of the time.


If you are determined to change your eating habits because you know how important they are for your fitness and health goals, meal planning will help you immensely. Once you learn how to make a plan, it will become your routine and soon you’ll consider it as a compass that you can’t go without.
Choose the meal planning method you prefer and start organizing yourself. It is not so easy if you’ve never done it before so you can contact us anytime and we will gladly lead you through all the difficulties and get you to a perfect body condition in terms of health and appearance. Meal planning is one of the aspects we focus the most on and we will provide you with a unique plan, adjusted to your body, your preferences and abilities.

You can book a free consultation at  Spectrum Fitness NOW!

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