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Fat Burning Supplements – Do They Actually Work?

Any fitness instructor or a person with knowledge in the area gets asked this question very often. The truth is that, similarly to most products in in the fitness and health industry, the effects of these supplements depend on several factors.

We cannot simply respond with “yes” or “no”. If taken carefully, under supervision and only in the right circumstances, these supplements can be some additional help that will help you lose some body fat. However, this is mainly when you are already in a pretty good shape, you exercise frequently and your nutrition is on point as well.

However, what you must know is that these supplements are completely useless if you are not training consistently, your diet is very poor and unhealthy and your body has built the layers of body fat that are not as easy to take off.
Curiously, people whose lifestyles are as bad as mentioned and they do not put enough effort into changing it, are usually those who ask these questions because they look for a quick-fix of a long-term problem.

If you are one of those people, you should know that it will not help you the way you think it will. Focusing on the essential factors, such as the ones mentioned before, should be the first ones to worry about. However, if you are interested in supplements because you simply want to get rid of a small amount of body fat and you are already very active physically and keeping your diet on point, there are things that you might want to know.

What Are Fat Burning Supplements?

To begin with, we must define a supplement of this kind, fat burning. It is a compound of any type that causes an increase of catecholamine output. Catecholamine’s noradrenaline and adrenaline join beta adrenoceptors, which are stimulated receptors involved in a flight response or the fight and they lead to certain physiological function,

Such as:

1) The increase of the heart rate
2) The increase of the metabolic rate
3) The increase of the fat mobilization
4)The increase of muscle’s blow flow
5)The increase of the neural drive
6)The increase of force and speed of the muscle contractile
7) The increase of the stamina and energy

The components shown above will all apparently give you more strength to workout, delay fatigue and eliminate your body fat. However, the post-effects don’t sound as attractive as these “benefits”. Namely, the receptors of your body will become almost immune to the supplements after a long-term so you might start getting even more tired and weaker than before.

Because of the reasons mentioned above, you should save these supplements for the time when you will need them more than you do in the beginning when your energy and metabolism are still at the very good point. Furthermore, when you already gain some fitness experience and your body gets lean, you can use it as a small boost.

Some of our clients use the fat burning supplements several weeks (6-8) before a contest, where their body fat should stay at around 5%. They usually use them for 3 days in a row, with one day of a break or similar.

Other than the scenario presented above, when the body fat stays at the regular 8% and calories are well-maintained, they don’t usually use them at all unless feeling too tired to train.

We at Spectrum Fitness prefer the all-natural treatment and lifestyle so we only suggest these supplements at certain times and only to advanced trainees. As stated, they are almost completely useless to the beginners and people that aren’t enough active physically.

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