Fitness Training Rozelle Sydney


High intensity interval training circuits will work your body from head to toe in just 25 minutes. Using your body weight and light resistance in...
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Total Body Pump

Total Body Pump involves Plyometrics, also known as “jump training” or “plyos”, are exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time,...
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Spectrum Boxing

Spectrum Boxing will work your whole body and mind. Our boxing trainers will lead you through rounds of different punches and combos. You will receive...
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High intensity interval training circuits consisting of 8 ultra-high-intensity exercises working at 20/10 work to recovery ratio. This Tabata style workout also incorporates 4 minutes...
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Spectrum Spartan

Spectrum Spartan is a high intensity resistance based class designed to put your body under high metabolic stress in order to keep burning calories not...
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Booty Worx

Strengthen, tone, and condition your backside, legs, and core! Get ready for body weight exercises, Plyometric drills, and some weight training. Benefits – Booty Worx will...
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Shred Friday

Shred Friday involves whole body resistance training combined together with functional moves like battle ropes. Two of these combined together in circuits produce maximum fat...
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The S.S.S stands for Spectrum Special Saturday which is a session that is designed by our instructors to give you one last ultimate burn to...
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