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11 Ways to Stay Motivated & Reach Your Fitness Goals

Waking up even earlier than you’re used to and doing exercise might be the last thing you want to do at that moment. Not only you want to sleep for longer but you probably have many other things to do during the day and fitting all of it into your schedule seems very exhausting, right? Also, you must be thinking that the free time is meant for relaxation so you’d rather just stay watching your favorite show or a film.

However, you do know that your body needs exercise if you want to stay in shape, look nice and stay healthy. Since we at Spectrum Fitness are aware that lack of energy and enthusiasm might be stopping you from achieving your goals, we made a list of tips and reasons that will serve as training motivation:

Get a Personal Trainer

All of our clients keep telling us that the best motivation are our Personal Trainers that keep them going and take care of them through the whole fitness programme, regardless of its duration. For that reason, getting a Personal Trainer to track your changes, provide you with plenty statistics that will help you reach your fitness goals, design a diet plan for you and so much more – is the best method to stay consistent and keep pushing your limits to the point of perfection. At Spectrum Fitness, we have top qualified Personal Trainers that will gladly lead you through this exciting journey.

Make Exercise Your Daily Habit

If you put minimum effort in yourself every day, you won’t have to deal with consequences of your physical neglect at the end of the year, neither will you need a rigorous regime to recompense all the work you didn’t do. Consistency is the key in fitness and at Spectrum Fitness, we keep encouraging our clients to stay consistent to whatever goal they trying to achieve. You can choose whether to be constantly fit and healthy or keep dealing with healthy problems and insecurities caused by your imperfections. Therefore, keep telling yourself that a little bit of exercise every day will lead you to something great and that’s exactly how it’s going to be!

Remember Why You Started

Reminders might be one of the most powerful motivation sources in fitness. What you need to remember is the reason you started working out, how bad you felt before and how better you feel after you finish exercising. Our Personal Trainers include these reminders in their methodologies so they can make it even easier to you. From the very first consultation where tell us why you decided to consult us in the first place, we keep reminding you of those reasons and your goals, without letting you give up.

Challenge Yourself

When you challenge yourself to train 3-4 times a week, to lift those weights you couldn’t lift before, to do more pushups than you used to do, etc.; you will have more motivation to keep training and never get bored of it. You can also simply monitor your progress and see how stronger and leaner you are becoming after a little bit of work, which will help you set new records and break each one of them one after another.

Stop Finding Excuses

Excuses are another huge obstacle in fitness because people keep finding them for themselves and delaying their own improvement. If you injured your shoulder, does not mean that you cannot work on your legs. In fact, it might even be very beneficial and refreshing to change your training and focus on a different area. If you cannot do this alone, a Personal Trainer who will make sure you don’t hurt yourself even more and do a proper work out is more than welcomed.
Replace these excuse with motivation and make yourself work even harder, instead of just giving up and going back to your old, bad habits.

Make Your Training Exciting

If fitness has become only an obligation that you’d gladly skip, you are probably doing something wrong. By wrong, we don’t mean incorrect exercise but you have simply bored yourself with the same training all over again. In case you don’t know what else to do or how to make exercise exciting again, the best choice is always to hire your Personal Trainer. You can also change your environment, alone or with your instructor. This will give you more energy and change the flow of your program.

Don’t Stay In Bed For Those Additional “Five Minutes”.

As soon as your alarm wakes you up, get on your feet, drink a glass of lemon water, breathe deeply and get ready for your day! If you start it with energy, that’s how it’s going to be all along. Hating yourself and everyone around you just because you could not sleep more is not going to bring you anything good so just try to enjoy every day from the very moment you wake up.

Create a Routine

A good routine is one of the key fitness factors. In order to get or stay fit, make building a routine one of your primary tasks. To build it, you first need to start small but stick to your plan. Therefore, if you have never been to gym before, you can begin with going 2 times a week and then increase the frequency over time. In a month or two, it’s going to be another habit of yours and the success is guaranteed at that point.

Exercise In a Group

Inspiration often comes from people, especially in fitness. Training with your friend or a group of trainees with the similar goals as yours could help you stay consistent and never miss a session again. At Spectrum Fitness, we have a group training program that you can join and get the results you want. Great atmosphere among the members and the trainer will keep you motivated and you won’t even think of quitting again.

Reward Yourself

Apart from a great fitness goal that should come in the end of your hard working journey, you should reward yourself with smaller prizes that will keep you going from one session to another.
Set little training tasks to yourself and every time you complete them, do something good for yourself! It could be something as simple as some low-calorie shake, buying a new pair of shoes you’ve been wanting for a while or clothing pieces.

Listen To Your Body

There is no one who can tell you how you feel better than you can. Your body and mind will mostly crave something and it’s only you who can define and satisfy its needs. Sometimes you will need more sleep simply because you’ve been getting up too early for the whole week; or you will need a little chocolate bar; or you will need to reschedule your training because you don’t feel quite right that day. That’s all okay because it’s understandable you need days off and time to relax, doing just nothing.

What you must remember is that there is a limit between resting because it’s necessary and getting lazy. Do not allow yourself to misunderstand these two factors. Once you know your body is okay and your mind is in peace, motivate yourself to continue and achieve some amazing fitness goals that will change your life completely and make you a happier, healthier and more confident person that you always wanted to be.


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