Legs, Glutes, Thighs

Project Description

Strengthen, tone, and condition your backside, legs, and core! Get ready for body weight exercises, Plyometric drills, and some weight training.

This is an amazing lower body workout that will help with burning body fat from our whole body. As your legs are the biggest muscles in your body, an extensive leg workout once a week will lead to a drop in body fat from your whole body! Not just the legs.


Benefits – Legs, Glutes and Thighs will prove to be a good class for Everyone! If your goal is to increase the strength in your lower body you have come to the right place. This is not just a class to build a big bum. It is a class that will help build a stable base while burning a lot of calories. A great overall fat burner.

Training Level – Beginner to Intermediate

Recommended pre workout meal – A cup of coffee and a banana/ small bowl of oats/ small smoothie.

Recommended post workout meal – Ask us at the end of the class! We love your questions and we love helping our members reach their goals.