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Core And More

Skills Core and More Improve your cardiovascular fitness and force your body to burn carbs as fuel for rapid weight loss. Our perfectly balanced 3/3 minutes interval training ratio will unleash your inner athlete, sculpt your midsection and shed fat fast!

Project Description


Looking for an intense Abdominal and Core workout?

Our ‘Core and More’ classes are an intense conditioning workout focused on developing your core muscles and your cardiovascular system. All of our group exercise classes are taught by experienced and qualified fitness instructors so you can be sure you’ll achieve the results you’re after in a fun and engaging environment.

The class improves and maintains healthy postural alignment, spinal strength, mobility, and stability. Promoting strong core muscles generates the strength, stability and mobility needed to carry out everyday activities with ease. Have a read through this article to find out the importance of training your core.

Requirements and Prerequisite:

  • Ability to complete 30 – 45 minutes of cardio and strength activities.
  • Basic Flexibility
  • Basic Agility
  • Basic core strength
  • All equipment provided

The class program designed for all ages and whether you’re a beginner or advanced we will be able to accommodate your needs. The class gives you ability to progress week by week with increasing core strength and your cardiovascular system.

Structure of the class:

Warm up:


  • 2 rounds of High Intensity exercises.
  • 6 cardiovascular exercises
  • 6 Core exercises
  • 2 Plyometric exercises
  • A killer Finale workout of abs to finish

Cool down:

  • Stretching, Foam rolling
  • If you’re on a training program to lose body fat and get abs, then you can incorporate our Spectrum classes into your program.

Dietary advice:

Try to make sure that your diet consists of at least 2 meals containing carbohydrates.

You should consume carbs 1 hour before our class and immediately after. Make sure your body uses the carbs as an energy source and a recovery source.

Post workout:

  • Try out Spectrum Fitness Protein shakes from our shake bar or our X50 protein drinks to assist in quicker muscle recovery.