Functional Endurance

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Functional Endurance is a heart rate focused workout that also helps to free the body from the poor posture most of us have adapted from every day life. Spending most of our day sitting and looking at screens causes a breakdown in our posture which leads to areas becoming tight and usually injury as well.

Our hearts, like any other muscle, need to be trained to ensure a long,healthy life. This class will focus on high rep, lower weighted exercises designed to keep your heart rate up for the whole workout.

With Functional Endurance you will get an amazing workout that is both challenging and beneficial to your overall health.


Benefits – Functional Endurance will improve your cardio vascular endurance which helps pump blood through the body more efficiently, taking stress away from your heart. With an emphasis on posture and form your whole body will start to open up and allow you to move with more freedom and without pain.

This is a great workout that will cause you to burn a serious sweat.

Training Level – Beginner to Intermediate

Recommended pre workout meal – A cup of coffee.

Recommended post workout meal – Ask us at the end of the class! We love your questions and we love helping our members reach their goals.