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Project Info

Client Personal Training Manager
Skills Level 3 Trainer

Project Description

Lucky – Personal Trainer

Hello! I am Lucky and I’m from United Kingdom. I have been involved in the fitness industry for more than 4 years now. I started off as an individual who was working 9-5 (as an astrophysicist) and wanted to loose some weight.  

The love for fitness has kept growing into me ever since and from an overweight individual, I turned into an athlete who’s looking to compete in ABN Men’s physique division this year. It was a big transition for me to become an athlete and personal trainer from being a rocket scientist (Yes, I worked for NASA !). 

I wasn’t a fitness enthusiast when I started my journey and I’ve been through the same challenges that everyone go through in order to loose weight and stay on their diet. Here at Spectrum fitness, I will help your overcome the same problems with my personal experiences. 

I Specialize in:

  • Personal training
  • Group Training
  • Fat loss (12 weeks transformation)
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Hypertrophy

Achievements (as Superman and as Clark Kent) 

  • Participated in challenges and lost over 9 kilos in 4 weeks 
  • Helped a client to loose ever 50 kilos 
  • Training to compete in ABN Men’s physique 2018 
  • I can pilot aircrafts like Cesena 172 and Jest stream 31 
  • Worked Closely with Nasa astronauts and written 3 research papers for European Space Agency 

Favorite Exercise

  • Incline Dumbbell Press 

Favorite Food

  • Full English Fry Up (With Black Pudding !) 

Quote to live by

  • Knowledge without mileage is bullshit – Kris Gethin 

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