Spectrum Boxing

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Spectrum Boxing

Skills High intensity cardiovascular exercises and drills that result in strength, tone and improve overall fitness level.

Project Description


Spectrum Boxing is a high intensity cardiovascular workout. It develops core strength with boxing techniques and drills.

The class will allow you to develop your Upper Body strength, Speed, Agility, Core Strength, Cardiovascular Fitness and Improved Posture all at the same time.

Boxing can be a great fitness activity for individuals who likes to perform cardiovascular exercises, but bored from traditional aerobic activities such as running, cycling, and aerobic classes.

Requirements and Prerequisite:

  • Ability to complete 30-45 minutes  of cardio workout
  • Basic Agility
  • Basic Flexibility
  • All Equipment provided.
  • Please bring your own or  purchase Hand Wraps from reception to support your wrists. $10 (You Must bring with you every session)

Spectrum Boxing is a class for all ages and whether you’re a beginner or advanced we can accommodate you. The fitness class teaches you basic boxing skills put into an intense workout.

Structure of the Class:

Warm up:

  • Jumping rope, Push ups, Sit ups, stretching exercises


  • Practice punching
  • Front Circle – Jab, Hook, Upper cut
  • Rear Circle – Cross over, Hook, Upper cut
  • Put your boxing skills into use on the focus pads using combination of punches called out by our Boxing Certified Instructors.
  • In-between your combos there will be Exercises such as burpees, jumping jacks, Squats, ab crunches thrown in, to pick up your intensity and heart rate to burn extra calories.
  • Core exercises are very important in Boxing. Your punching power comes from your core. Our classes are very core focused.

Cool down:

  • Stretching, foam rolling
  • If you’re on a training program to lose body fat or gain lean muscle then you can incorporate our Spectrum classes into your program.

Dietary advice

Try to make sure that your diet consists of 40% to 50% carbohydrates, 30% to 40% proteins and 15% fats. By adhering to these percentages, you will get the energy you need to repair tissue and replenish energy without gaining weight. This is the best mix for maintaining your optimum weight to power ratio.

Pre workout:

  • Maybe have a banana to increase energy levels during your workout. Consume 30mins – 1hr before.
  • Use Our X50 green tea sachets to give you extra energy

Post workout:

  • Try out Spectrum Fitness Protein shakes from our shake bar or our X50 protein drinks to assist in quicker muscle recovery.