Functional Strength

Project Description

Functional strength is designed to help with building strength without injury. In today’s world we seem to be constantly fixed in a sagitally flexed position (forward facing, rounding of shoulders, poking forward of neck). Quite often fitness programs are filled with exercises that fall into this category.

With Functional Strength we want to improve the body’s power and strength through all planes of motion. Taking away tightness, aches and pains while still working towards our fitness goal.


Benefits – Functional Strength will improve your strength (duh), your posture, balance, stability and motor skills while helping to burn unwanted fat. This class will help you improve movement quality and get rid of some aches and pains from the knee, back and hip areas.

Training Level – Beginner-Intermediate.

Recommended pre workout meal – A cup of coffee with a banana.

Recommended post workout meal – Ask us at the end of the class! We love your questions and we love helping our members reach their goals.