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Best Value Offer in Inner West! Join us today and grab our best offer yet – 60 days for $60 with Full 24/7 access to the gym, Fitness classes and Free Gift for the first 100ppl. Please try us for Free !!! Offer only available with clubs membership. Offer expires on 31 January 2018.

Spectrum Fitness No Excuses Deal – October 2017

Spectrum Fitness No Excuses Deal, Join Today and Save $340 We know that the luck of motivation is the biggest “Show Stopper” when it comes to starting your new summer body journey to fitness. So we have designed the best Value Deal for you to put all these nagging excuses to bed and take the first step towards the best body you can have. So Join today and Save $340 With this Deal You will get: 4 weeks Free (based on 6 month commitment) and includes...
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The Importance of Regular Hydration

Hydration – Why is it so important to drink water regularly? Importance of Hydration – Water makes up more than half of your body weight. Every day we lose water through tasks such as going to the bathroom, breathing, moving and most especially when training through sweating. Every cell, tissue and organ within our bodies depends on water for survival. With this in mind, it is absolutely imperative we ensure our bodies remain constantly hydrated not only to aid in these every day activities, but it...
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Core Training: Why It’s Important

By PT Dane Paterson Continuing on from hiit training, today I will be talking about Core Training. Core: What is it? A strong core and regular core training is very important for everyday life as you use your core for almost everything you do. Most people associate core training with just the muscles of the stomach or think a strong core is a well-defined 6 pack. Although, yes, core training does give a toned set of abdominal muscles, it involves a lot more than just crunches and...
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We Are Hiring Personal Trainers!

WE ARE HIRING PERSONAL TRAINERS ! About us Spectrum Fitness is Sydney’s leading premium 24/7 gym, located in Rozelle. We provide personalized and results driven programs, personal training, small group training classes and world-class gym facilities featuring equipment from Cybex, Eleiko and more. We pride ourselves on good customer service and providing our members with complimentary tailored programs to reach their individual goals, which sets us apart from other clubs. We are currently looking for hard working and open minded personal trainers that wish to grow with our fast moving company....
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HIIT: Different Types Of Training

By PT Dane Paterson Continuing on from foam rolling, today I will be talking about: HIIT otherwise known as High Intensity Interval Training HIIT Is a form of interval training that includes a warm up and cool down while incorporates a working period of intense exercises with working periods of less intense recovery exercises or complete rest in the conditioning phase. There are many reasons and many benefits to HIIT style of training. Benefits of HIIT: • Decreases resting heart rate • Increases V02 max •...
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Foam Rolling Benefits

By PT Dane Paterson Continuing on with stretching, today I will be talking about Self-Myofascial Release otherwise known as Foam Rolling. Self-myofascial release (SMR) or foam rolling is a self-massaging technique used to release muscle tightness or trigger points, assist normal blood flow and function in muscles. Self-myofascial release is a technique used by many professional athletes, trainers/coaches and allied health professionals and has been for a long time. Your own hands, a lacrosse, a foam roller or a theracane are examples of instruments that can...
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Consuming Carbs While Dieting

CARBS (Carbohydrates) ARE NOT THE ENEMY! By PT Manager Craig Danks Many people tend to think that if they consume carbs (also known as carbohydrates ) they are going to put on fat! This is not exactly the truth! Carbs can add to your fat deposits only if you consume too much of them or at the wrong time. Too many people have the idea that if they cut their daily calorie intake by half and remove carbs completely out of their diet they will loose body fat. This...
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Supersets: What They Are And How To Apply Them

By PT Manager Craig Danks In this article I’m going to answer common questions about Supersets. What are Supersets and how do you apply them to your training program? Definition: A superset is different from your standard set in two ways. A superset is executed with a short rest or most often no rest between sets. In a standard set you may rest up to 90 seconds between two standard sets. Secondly, a superset is performed with two different exercises, whereas a standard set has only one exercise. In...
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How To Maintain a Consistent Diet

By PT Manager Craig Danks When it comes to effectively gaining muscle and losing fat, both training and nutrition are equally important pieces of the overall puzzle. In this blog I’m going to provide you few tips to help you stay on track for your diet and fitness goals. Tip #1: Think about what your going to eat. If you’re just winging it every meal, you wont be able to maintain consistent intake of calories and macro nutrients. Create a structured meal plan for the coming weeks. Your diet plan should consist...
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Importance of Stretching Regularly

By PT Dane Paterson Why stretching is so important and when it should be performed? As our bodies age we reduce range of motion in joints and muscles mobility. Simple things in life such as putting a shirt on, lifting things from the floor, hoping in and out of the car can all become very difficult if correct application of stretching isn’t performed on the regular basis. Fitness exercises in particular can become very challenging if you don’t work on your flexibility. Regular stretching will ease performing your daily activities and make them more enjoyable. Additionally daily stretching...
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Importance Of Tracking Your Progress 

By PT Manager Craig Danks In this article I’m going to discuss the importance of tracking your training and physical appearance. There is still too many people hitting the gym really hard and gaining very little results, and the reason is simple; if you’re not tracking your diet, training or physical changes, how can you possibly know what to change in your training program? How can you know if you are consuming too few or too many calories? How do you know if you are...
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Why Does the Arc Trainer Burn More Calories?

By Cybex Research Institute  Why is it when I exercise on the Arc Trainer, I’m burning more calories than I do when I work out on an elliptical at the same heart rate, but at even greater effort? The Arc Trainer is proven to burn more calories than the elliptical, allowing users to increase workload at a lower perceived exertion, thereby encouraging exercise at higher levels of energy demand. Since most people adjust the workout intensity of cardio devices to their perception of effort or heart rate...
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Benefits Of Lifting Weights for Women

By PT Manager Craig Danks It is a fact that many women are lacking their desired physique due to the common myth that weights training is for males and will result in a bulky and masculine figure. In this article I’m going to inform you on the benefits of resistance training that will hopefully put to rest questions and fears you have about weights training. Challenging Myths around Weight Training Resistance or Weights Training has the reputation of causing women to “bulk up” due to...
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Jump Start Fat Loss with these Few Easy Steps

 Jump start Fat loss! The weather is getting warmer and that usually means the clothes reveal more flesh. At this point most of us look at our training and eating habits to shift some of the excess body fat we may be carrying around. Below Is methods to jump start the metabolism to burn fat! High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) involves performing exercises with high intensity alternating with lower intensity . An example would be a sprint, walk (rest) alternation. The duration of the workout and rest periods can...
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Why is it important to consume protein?

By PT Manager Craig Danks Quite often we are asked:  Why is it important to consume protein? Consuming Protein throughout the entire day is essential for optimum muscle growth and recovery. Proteins are made up of long chains of  amino acids which are the building blocks of the muscle cell in your entire body. Without them, it would be impossible to build, repair or even maintain muscle tissue that is damaged during training. That means: Key to Gaining Muscle or Weight Loss is Protein Consumption! How do...
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