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Jump Start Fat Loss with these Few Easy Steps

 Jump start Fat loss!

The weather is getting warmer and that usually means the clothes reveal more flesh. At this point most of us look at our training and eating habits to shift some of the excess body fat we may be carrying around. Below Is methods to jump start the metabolism to burn fat!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) involves performing exercises with high intensity alternating with lower intensity . An example would be a sprint, walk (rest) alternation.

The duration of the workout and rest periods can vary. Typically 30-60 seconds of max intensity work followed by 60-90 seconds of recovery intensity work is a common method.

The main benefit of HIIT sessions is to make fat loss more maintainable and stop possible regain long term. The main disadvantage is this type of activity is not appropriate for very overweight or low fitness individuals.

Weight Training

Typically most people associate weight training with muscle gain only, but combined with a lower calorie diet it is a potent method and offer a few benefits.

The acute amount of calories burned in a session is probably the lowest out of most methods when performed in a straight sets fashion but again the amount of disruption to the tissue and remodeling means you will have a large increase in post exercise metabolism. If you use super sets in your workouts and less rest time this will increase the heart rate and burn more calories/  body fat.

Beginners Training Week

  • Monday:Straight weight training
  • Tuesday:Steady state Cardio vascular training
  • Wednesday:Straight weight training
  • Thursday:Steady state Cardiovascular training
  • Friday:Straight weight training
  • Saturday:Steady state Cardiovascular training
  • Sunday:Rest

Advanced Training Week

  • Monday:Heavy Straight weight training and Steady state Cardio vascular training
  • Tuesday:HIIT morning, steady state in evening
  • Wednesday:Complexes weight training session (8-12 reps)
  • Thursday:Steady state Cardio vascular training
  • Friday:Complexes weight training session (15-25 reps)
  • Saturday:HIIT morning, steady state in evening
  • Sunday:Rest

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