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Overeating – Causes and Fixes!

One of the most frequent questions that our Personal Trainers get is how to fix their overeating issue. It is a well-known fact that the nutrition takes a big part of the whole body transition process and absolutely nothing can be done without a proper diet. For that reason, we help our clients with their overeating conundrum and make sure they follow the personalized, unique nutrition plans we provide to each one of them.

In order to lose fat successfully, you need to have a calorie deficit and maintain in at the same level. The biggest enemy of the diet is, as supposed, the hunger. According to a wide range of studies, not being hungry can predict the weight loss and make it true quite quickly. The lack of hunger would simply allow us to decide how much weight we are going to lose because we could simply eat less, without feeling any desire to get more food than we should.

One of the most frustrating but most common factors among dieters is the weight re-gain. Losing it is not the only difficult process but staying at the same level seems even harder sometimes.

These are some of the statistics regarding the subject that show is how serious the problem has become:

1) In the past 30 years, obesity’s prevalence has doubled.
2) 63% Australian citizens have been labelled as obese or overweight from 2012
3) 2/3 of adults in the US are considered obese or overweight

Obesity and overweight health risks:

High blood pressure
Heart disease
Type II Diabetes
Non-Alcoholic fatty liver
Certain cancer types, including colon, breast, and kidney

There are several factors that could possibly cause obesity and overweight but overeating is the main one.
The cause of overeating is mainly the temptation that each one of us faces when seeing some delicious but unhealthy food. We can see them everywhere. On TV ads, Internet, restaurants, streets or just wherever we go. As a specie, the calorie dense food, free of toxic, was driving us to energy. However, today the case is not the same. We don’t only eat to keep functioning and have enough strength, we eat because of that small pleasure a sweet or a hamburger can bring. It has gone far away from only a need and that is how the overeating occurs.

These properties of food favor eating:
Calorie dense
Bitterness’ absence

When humans used to hunt food and survive from their achievements, it is obvious why they preferred the highly palatable and calorie dense foods. They would provide them with the much-needed energy for longer and they kept them healthy and strong. The genes of those humans from ancient times and humans today have not changed much but the environment is completely unrecognizable in comparison. We lack those healthy foods that allowed our ancestors to go days without eating, yet we have way too much fast and sugary food that cause overeating, therefore, the overweight and obesity.

Factors that affect appetite:


The importance of sleep reflects through its impact on every aspect of our body and mind, which includes appetite. The reduction within the metabolism can also be caused by a sleep deprivation. Therefore, lack of sleep can increase your appetite and additionally, slow down your metabolism. This causes an ‘’energy gap”.

Decision Fatigue
The willpower plays an important role in overeating and going against your instincts is called “executive function”. It is a process that makes people more vulnerable at night and makes them take that cookie they said they won’t during the early stages of the day.

Social Effects
Social involvement and environment have a significant effect on the diet. To begin with, they distract you from food. You will eat much less while being surrounded with people or having a good time outside than spending a whole day indoor and alone. The social effects also have indirect impact on you through your company. Therefore, if your friend eats healthily, you have more chances to follow his/her example and vice versa. That is why people often decide to diet or train in couples or groups. They can motivate and push each other to stay consistent. We have many clients of this type joining our Group Training and exercising together as well.

Hunger Entertainment
The circadian rhythm of the hunger is what usually makes you hungry at different times when you wouldn’t normally consume food. One example is the increased hunger feeling after the training. The fact is that training is not causing hunger but the post-workout is your usual eating time so hunger appears as a response to it.

Body Fat Percentage
The hunger appears even more when your body lacks body fat. For that reason, dieting is more difficult when you become very lean.

Considering all the information and analysis from above, here are some suggestions that can prevent overeating:

Do not rush while eating
The more time you take to eat, the better you will feel. Do not do it just for the sake of it but enjoy consuming healthy food that will benefit you in long-terms.

Fix your sleeping patterns
As you had an opportunity to see, sleep is extremely important and not only in terms of overeating but a wide range of potential consequences that sleep deprivation could cause, some of them are the reduction of the testosterone production; the increase of your appetite; the increase of your insulin resistance; worse nutrition portioning, etc.

Try avoiding the decision fatigue
Do not let yourself decide too many times a day what you are going to eat. Instead, prepare your food before-hand and never let the hunger shop for you. Go to shopping with your stomach as full as it needs to be.

Fix your routine
Your body needs routine and your job is to create one. Eating at the same time every day is a great way to discipline yourself and recover from your bad eating habits.

Stay hydrated
Drink at least 3 liters of water a day. Water is what keeps your body functioning and there is no replacement for it!

Eliminate all the possible risks
Keep the unhealthy snacks and small temptations out of your reach.

Do not cheat and do not reward yourself with unhealthy food
If you “cheat” or keep rewarding yourself with unhealthy foods such as pancakes or cakes, you will let your body get used to them and only crave them more. Do not do that. Instead, eliminate them completely and do not let yourself fall for that sweet look and taste of a small chocolate that will ruin days of your diets.

Eat foods that provide satiety
Eat foods such as cottage cheese, quark, pumpkin, casein, vegetables. Peaches, blackberries, plums, grapefruit, strawberries and similar. They will keep you sated for longer.

At Spectrum Fitness, we help our clients learn how to control these desires that do nothing good to their bodies and teach them how to switch from a completely unhealthy to healthy lifestyle. If you are worried about overeating, it is only one category that we are highly experienced in. Not only we will assist you in your battle with excessive hunger but we will help you transform into a different person, with a new, positive mindset and a desirable body.

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