Your Guide to Finding a Trainer: Personal Training in Drummoyne

Exercise is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s been shown to do more than help you burn fat and develop muscles—in fact, working out on a regular basis has been linked to better brain health in middle age, and may be a key factor in lowering the risk of conditions such as depression. Bottom line: there’s no end to the list of good reasons to work out routinely. If you want to get the most from your workouts, though, you might consider trying out a gym where you can gain access to a personal trainer. Drummoyne residents seeking a nearby gym with personal training have a relatively new option, but one that’s quickly proving to be an effective fitness centre for members: Spectrum Fitness, established in 2015.

With one location in the Rozelle area, Spectrum Fitness takes a unique approach to personal training near Drummoyne. The idea is about more than sheer motivation at Spectrum Fitness—it’s also about using scientific methods to produce faster and more rewarding results. The gym is also well known for its clean interiors, and modern equipment. Visit Spectrum Fitness, and you’ll find an extensive array of new machines by Cybex, Eleiko and others.

The key to success when running a gym like this is to make every member matter—a philosophy that Spectrum Fitness fully embraces. That’s what makes it such a standout place for personal training. Use a trainer anywhere else, and you might be treated to a lot of formulaic commands about working harder or faster, but collaborate with a trainer from Spectrum, and you’re much more likely to receive feedback aimed at helping you reach your individual goals. This commitment to personalised service is helping Spectrum stand out in a field where competition is a part of maintaining success. So far, the gym has been thriving.

The Science Behind Good Personal Training

High quality personal training requires a lot more than finding a good motivator. It’s much easier to sound inspirational than it is to deliver accurate information targeted to helping a client achieve meaningful results, which is why Spectrum Fitness vets each trainer thoroughly. This is a gym where you’ll find people with real knowledge and training, who use a combination of exercise science, nutritional information and functional medicine to develop their workouts. This allows you to stop aiming vaguely for your fitness goals, and start engineering them so that you use all your time and energy efficiently.

Drummoyne Personal Training on a New Level

Since Spectrum Fitness started in 2015, it’s seen many new members from Drummoyne and nearby areas who want to take greater control over the ways they care for their bodies. Group fitness classes are also available, helping to provide an atmosphere where there’s always something to do. If you’re wondering about personal training near the Drummoyne area, reach out with your questions. You’ll find Spectrum more than happy to give you more information or put you in touch with a trainer who can help you start achieving better health on your first visit.