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Spectrum Fitness Team and Trainers

The most frequent misconception of Spectrum Fitness was that our team was led by enormous, ripped trainers that remind you of a Hulk, which is quite understandable hence many years of practice, hard training, and controlled eating habits gave results and made our trainers look a little bigger and stronger than average men. However, today this concept has been clarified in the eyes of everyone who has been investigating Spectrum Fitness and especially those who attended our personal training programmes. The first thing these people know is that not all of our trainers are the same. Not only they do not all have the same body shape, weight or muscle mass (as results of different training regimes), but they also come from different academic and sporting backgrounds.

Spectrum Fitness is not a company of a corporate structure with countless number of staff members that perform small tasks and have only one role each

Our trainers get the best out of themselves and cover two or more areas and they do it with such passion that any less than responsibility for all those aspects would make them feel unproductive. One of the major differences between us and others in the category is the fact that we do not hire achievers, instead, we create them! By training the future Personal Trainers, we engage with one another and we create a bond and a team spirit within the group and we never stop. By challenging, testing and learning constantly, we maintain the will-power and commitment in every individual.

The positive pressure that our Personal Trainers are driven by contributes to their individual success, as well as the success of the whole team. In the environment where the strength and stamina are the measurements of effort, our staff is challenged to keep Spectrum Fitness at the highest level as they are all ambitious and passionate about what they chose to be their career for life. Certainly, there are low points that we can experience but they only serve us to keep going and return to the throne with even more experience and motivation.

Everyone in Spectrum Fitness believes in themselves and their capabilities. Some joined the team with confidence, whilst others gained it through our programmes and today they are equal to all the experts out there and provide personal training to new learners. We do not look for a quick way and profit is not all we seek. We have long-term, detailed plans that constantly require new adjustment and improvements in all the stages and aspects of our company.



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