Long term results for mind and body with power yoga in Lilyfield

There is no denying that the art and practice of yoga have spread like wildfire in recent years. Every major city and most small towns can boast at least one, if not dozens, of yoga studios. From New York City to Lilyfield, yoga studios are popping up on every block. For yoga enthusiasts, the rise of yoga on Lilyfield streets and in popular culture comes as no surprise. Research has long suggested that in addition to increasing flexibility and reducing stress, yoga enhances mindfulness, or general awareness of oneself, well-being, and surroundings.

Yoga, in one form or another, has been practised for thousands of years, and the practice has evolved accordingly. Today, yoga enthusiasts can find many different styles of yoga practice to suit their personalities and specific workout goals. Spectrum Fitness in Rozelle, NSW now offers both Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga classes near Lilyfield to raise your awareness and your heart rate.

A results driven approach to yoga in Lilyfield

Regardless of your preferred method of exercise, yoga practice is an excellent way to improve your breathwork, which can benefit exercise enthusiast of all stripes with stretching, weight lifting and endurance in many types of sports. The improved flexibility from yoga is also a bonus and has many benefits. Enthusiastic yoga practitioners find that the yoga reduces stress, increases flexibility, and most of all offer a time for reflection and enhanced spirituality.

Power yoga combines all the traditional benefits of yoga, such as breath work and mindfulness, with a full body workout. Power yoga can be used to help build cardiovascular health and strength and can be fit into any of our customised, goal-based training programs. Participants in our power yoga class leave feeling energised and centred.

Take control of your mind and body this year

Spectrum Fitness invites you to experience the effects our targeted fitness routines can have on your body. We offer both individual training and small group classes geared toward helping you achieve your personal goals, whether your goal is muscle building, weight loss, toning, or just finding a little focus and community at the end of the day. All our members benefit from complimentary one on one results oriented training based on our unique three-tiered approach to fitness. Our trainers listen to our clients and use an integrated approach to help them identify and overcome barriers to success.

Our club-like atmosphere and premium facility features state of the art equipment, designer locker rooms and many other modern amenities to make our guests feel like our gym is a home away from home. If you are searching Lilyfield for a different type of yoga, we firmly encourage you to check out our group power yoga. Lilyfield is minutes away by public transportation or car, and our brand new facility has undercover parking for those who arrive by car. There are many bus stops within fifty feet of our front door. Call today to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.